Friday, July 3, 2009

Busy Day Off

Even though every day is sort of a day off for me these days, today was a base-wide "family day" for the Fourth of July. We celebrated by going to the little zoo here once again. Some pics of Brian feeding the Giraffe, the boys looking at snakes, and a flamingo.

After lunch I took some pics of the children of one of our friends.

Funny story - another friend of ours went to Walmart to get some prints of some pics I took for them. The clerk apparently thumbed through them and said "I can't release these to you without the permission of the photographer." Despite our friend explaining they were taken by a friend and were hardly professional, the clerk insisted she bring them a release on my letterhead or a Walmart legal release form signed by me.

Gee whiz.

Lesson learned: If anyone wants to print out copies of my pics, do it online. I like AdoramaPix. I think they deal with a lot of serious amateurs, so no questions asked.

GRANDPARENT BONUS: Pics of our lovely boys helping me to setup my camera beforehand.


  1. You take great pictures Andrew! I'm not surprised that Walmart thought they were professional pictures.

  2. You're taking some good shots! Advice (via Harmony and myself) - let the subjects run around, play, do something FUN, be silly, and let your digital camera go crazy. Posed subjects look... well, posed, and it's normally not the most flattering. Like that beautiful photo of Lisa ("Hey, Lisa, turn around!").

  3. Great pictures Andrew! I especially love the ones of the boys "helping" you...makes me smile. Keep up the great work!