Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mount Shuksan

I climbed Mt Shuksan this weekend with the Olympia Mountaineers.  It was strenuous, but definitely worth the effort.  If any of my fellow climbers want full-sized copies, send me the file name and I'll email them to you.

The approach to the glacier camp was about 4 miles.

Wild blueberries and huckleberries were ripe!

The Sulphide Glacier and Mt Shuksan summit pyramid above.

Base camp for the night.

Filtering water from a glacier pond.  So much easier than melting snow.

Mount Adams at sunset.

3am start

Rising crescent Moon

Climbing up the final stretch to the summit.

Mt Shuksan summit shot

Artist Point from Mt Shuksan.  Not as dramatic at Mt Shuksan from Artist Point (below).

Descending the Sulphide Glacier

This little crevasse opened up below the surface to  at least 100 feet deep.  No place to dawdle.  

Mt Baker scenic view.

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  1. Andrew-
    Your photos are stunning.