Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Week with Autism

Living with an autistic 7 year-old is a unique experience.  It's a turbulent mix of cute moments and colossal meltdowns.  Often we only capture the cute moments; dressed up for church or dressed up in Super Mario costumes . . . sometimes both at the same time.  At Lisa's prompting, I followed Clayton around with my camera for a week to capture a more intimate view of many of his moods and 'moments'.  Here are the results - some with captions, some self-explanatory.



Standing on his head.  He loves tactile sensations like this.

He's so proud of holding his breath underwater.

He LOVES music.

Thankfully potty-trained, not yet pull-your-pants-up-before-leaving-the-restroom-trained.

Sharing music with Dad 
Getting dressed can be a hurdle.

When verbal communications fail him, Clayton often resorts to pointing.  It's sometimes like living with someone who doesn't speak the same language.  

Sadness . . . 

. . . and silliness.

His latest infatuation: Fantasia.  The movie, the music, and here, the illustrated book.

Picking out something to play with.

Sometimes it's easier to let him pick his own outfit.  And meals.  Part of me sighs in resignation.  Part of me smirks at the way he must perturb "Pinterest Parents". 

Another meltdown.  

Probably iPhone related.  

Angry Birds is aptly-named.

Settling down.  

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