Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mount Baring

Climbed Mount Baring with the Olympia Mountaineers this weekend.

Not my picture, credit
Here are my pics from the climb.

It started with a strenuous 1800 ft climb up to a ridgeline.

Fixed-tree ascent.

After following the ridge line for a while, we approached a basin where the route ascended a steep couloir to a col between the two peaks. 

From there we fixed a line to ascend a snow wall and then scrambled the snowfield up to the summit.

View from the summit.

Summit shot.

Summit shot shot.

Benchmark shot.  6,127 ft.

Fearless leader.

Mind the cornice.

Glissade back down.

And a knee-jarring descent through the forest.


  1. Wow, that is quite the adventure! Very nice photos.

  2. Thanks, Andrew, for the fabulous photos! It was fun to climb with you!